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Bed&Breakfast Catedda offers 2 independent rooms furnished with taste and simplicity, for those looking for a quiet and relaxed atmosphere in the heart of Sardinia.


The property is located in Sedilo, famous for Ardia of St. Constantine, but not only. Due to its location, all the places of historical and cultural interest are within easy reach.

Among these Omodeo Lake and the river Tirso, the Nuraghe, the Tombs of the Giants, the Domus de Janas of Iloi, and other dozens of archaeological site .


The owner of the B&B also brewmaster of Horus Craft Brewery is pleased to offer guests a welcome beer and open the doors of its laboratories for tours or just for a leisurely drink in the courtyard of the brewery.


From Sedilo you can easily reach some of the most beautiful seaside resorts and mountain areas of Sardinia. To the east: Nuoro and the Gennargentu, the Gulf of Orosei and Ogliastra. To the west: Oristano, the Sinis, Bosa and Montiferru. To the north, Alghero, Olbia and Sassari. To the South Cagliari and its neighboring coasts.

At Catedda B&B you will experience the traditional values of Sardinia's culture: hospitality, privacy and relaxation.

Rooms at the B&B Catedda are completely independent with private access from the large garden that providing total relax and privacy.

In a small laboratory in Sedilo, beer is still brewed in the traditional way! The Horus Craft Brewery: where malt meets the flavors of Sardinia land.

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