Horo Craft Brewery

In the renovated rooms of a small laboratory in the center of Sardinia, Horo Craft Brewery was born. 


"M'ammentat sa birra antiga" (It recalls me the beer of a time) is the first phrase that we hear in the workshop of the brewery from people born in the 40's / 60's who got to know the first brewing  productions in Sardinia.


Here the production includes different types of beer: Monaco, Weizen, the Nerabock and Schwarz; among these stands Pilsner, the home flagship product.

In order to satisfy even the most demanding palates the production will soon be revised with new addictions. Stay brewed! 





Mon/Sat: 10.00/13.30


Sun:        15.30/21.00


tel:    +39 339 60 34 422

mail: birrahoro@gmail.com

web: www.birrahoro.com